November 2014, About Us

We are moving! DDS Demolition’s Architectural salvage yard is to relocate to a new purpose built building, with more yard space. Over the next coming months we will be moving the architectural salvage to the new yard just a few miles away. This transition may affect some process order times, but will try to make this a seamless move between the two sites, contact details will remain the same.

DDS Demolition‘s reclamation yard is located in Monkton, Kent and is one of the South of England’s leading reclamation companies. Our vast experience in demolition, architectural salvage and reclamation enables us to offer a wide range of architectural and reclaimed building materials as well as architectural gems from reclaimed fireplaces to reclaimed chimney pots.

We stock a range of products including: reclaimed bricks, reclaimed wooden flooring, reclaimed railway sleepers, stone paving, ironwork and reclaimed doors. We carry a huge stock of reclamation and period items that changes on a regular basis so please call to find out what’s available.

How are we different?

We do not buy stock from demolition companies as we generate a huge amount of stock through our own demolition business. This generates more competitive pricing for the customer.

For more information the products at the DDS Demolition reclamation yard call 01843 821 555