Reclaimed old pine flooring, reclaimed old oak and hardwood flooring .Old floorboards selected and sourced from hotels, old schools, factories and grand houses, in and around the local area.

7″ Reclaimed Pine Floorboards, salvaged from old beams

Reclaimed pine floorboards, salvaged from old beams converted to  flooring/boards.

Square edged boards with band saw cut edges, converted from old salvaged timbers. Quality flooring, face prepared, some nail holes, marks, etc.

Approx size; 21x175mm random lengths.

20m2 available @£32/m2 +Vat

5 1/4″ Reclaimed pine flooring converted from old roof boards, planed finish.

Reclaimed pine flooring converted from old roof boards, planed finish.

This batch,  reclaimed ex t&g roofboards, planed finish with nail holes,  we have cut the tongue off , some of the groove edge broken off from underside of boards, but top surface good, see pictures

Approx size: 24x135mm

Reclaimed Maple Gym Flooring

Reclaimed Maple Gym, hardwood flooring, Prime Canadian Maple, t&g flooring.

Salvaged from large floor area, some gym floor markings, original varnish, some varnish worn off , supplied random.

Supplied in random lengths, the nails have been cut off flush from back of boards, some tongue and groove may be missing from back, top surface good. T&G not cleaned may have some residue.

Some variation in thickness approximate size:27x84mm

Reclaimed School Desk Tops (veneer)

Reclaimed veneered school desk tops, salvaged from Barton Court Grammar School

some graffiti

Approx size:

7 no  600 x 1200 mm @£35 each inc Vat


Reclaimed Old Pine Floorboards

Reclaimed old pine floorboards, original pine floorboards salvaged from local Victorian and Edwardian houses.

Square edged boards, de-nailed and lightly sanded, keeping original character and “Patina”.


Reclaimed Oak Parquet Flooring

Reclaimed Oak Parquet Flooring, salvaged from Edwardian property in Kingsgate, Broadstairs

approx size 226x74x21mm @£25/m2 +Vat 

Please note sold in “as is “ condition, with thin layer Bitumen on reverse

Hand sorted full size blocks only, stacked on pallets

see pictures of batch

Converted Reclaimed old Pine Flooring

Converted reclaimed, old pine floorboards, much of it salvaged from local period buildings in and around Kent area.

Square edged boards converted from old beams and joists. Quality old pine timber with character, face prepared, giving a cleaner appearance. Various widths available: 100 — 250mm.

Please apply for current stock available:

Approx. size 21×120-175mm@£32/m2 + Vat

Approx. size 21×180-220mm@£36/m2 + Vat


Reclaimed “Antique” pine boards

Reclaimed “Antique” pine boards, salvaged from beams converted to  flooring/boards.

Good aged appearance from original beams, some splits, damage, signs of wear & tear, “hit & miss” finish.

Approx. size 21×120-175mm@£32/m2 + Vat

Approx. size 21×180-220mm@£36/m2 + Vat

Cut to order please apply


Reclaimed pine flooring

Reclaimed pine plank floorboards, converted from beams, as supplied to a High Street clothing chain for stores around the country