Reclaimed,London,old,yellow stock bricks

Ref: B151 EKC
£1150/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed, London, old, yellow, stock, bricks. Original imperial size bricks, salvaged from, East Kent college, Broadstairs, Kent.

Please apply for current stock available

yellow stocks royal Sea bathing Hospital

Reclaimed old yellow stock bricks

Ref: B136
£please apply

Reclaimed, old yellow stock bricks, salvaged from the boundary wall, that surrounds, The Royal Sea Bathing Hospital Westbrook, near Margate, in Kent, circa 1791 .

This batch has sold, please apply for current available yellow stock bricks  



New Imperial, reclamation yellow stock bricks

Ref: BN151
£950-1000/1000 + Vat

New imperial size bricks, hand made, aged to give appearance of reclaimed yellow stock bricks.

Approximate size;230x108x68mm

BN 151

New Imperial yellow stock bricks

Ref: BN152
£650/1000 + Vat

New imperial size, yellow stock bricks. Hand made bricks with some overburns, to replicate old yellow stocks, sometimes referred to as London yellow stocks. Appearance of reclaimed yellow stock bricks at half the price of original yellow stocks.

Approximate size;230x108x68mm

Available: 7,000
Metric yellow B1310

Reclaimed Metric Yellow stock bricks

Ref: B1310
£750-780/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed metric Yellow stock bricks, approx size;220x65x105mm.

Please apply for current stock available

Dimensions: 65mm x 105mm x 220mm

Reclaimed Sussex red bricks

Ref: B145
£680-720/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed Sussex red bricks, salvaged from Hellingly Hospital, East Sussex, Circa 1902.

Red / orange in colour, some with darker purple / blue tinge mixed in, shallow frog, stamped Sussex Brick Co Ltd.

Approx size;225x105x68mm

Available: 25,000

Reclaimed Pressed red bricks

Ref: B155
£680-720/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed pressed red bricks, salvaged from Hellingly Hospital, East Sussex.

Imperial size bricks approximate size;225x110x70mm

Available: 4500
Reclaimed red stock bricks B139

Reclaimed red stock bricks

Ref: B139
£800-850/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed red stock bricks, ideal for feature walls, fireplaces, edges worn giving instant character look

Price £800-£850/1000 + Vat, please apply for current stock


Reclaimed dark multi stock bricks

Ref: B154
£750-800/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed dark multi stock bricks, salvaged from Sussex. Reclaimed original stock bricks with red and purple colour mix in batch.

Available: 16,500
10 2 12 012

Reclaimed multi stock bricks

Ref: B158
£800-850/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed multi stock bricks, light red to pink colour. Ideal for inglenook type fireplace, edges worn, for a character look.

Please apply for current Multi stocks available


Reclaimed Kent red bricks

Ref: B122
£950 /1000 + Vat

Reclaimed Kent red facing bricks, salvaged from a local Canterbury property,


Available: 1800

Reclaimed dark metric stock brick

Ref: B156
£650-720/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed dark metric stock bricks, salvaged from Bromley Kent.

Reclaimed, metric size bricks, approximate size:215-220x105x68mm

Available: 14,000
reclaimed bricks14 5 007

Reclaimed metric gaunt bricks

Ref: B141
£600-650/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed metric, gaunt bricks,yellow with tinge of pink, wire cut bricks, also good as paving bricks.

Available: 3000
Dimensions: 65mm x 220mm x 105mm
to web 008

Reclaimed red “Tudor” type bricks

Ref: B1210
£850-900/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed “Tudor” red bricks

Available: 800
Dimensions: 50mm x 100mm x 215mm

Reclaimed Kent Red bricks

Ref: LG

Imperial size brick. Orange/ red in colour, used for face work.


Reclaimed red Hammill bricks

Ref: B17

Reclaimed Multi Gaunt bricks

Ref: B157
£650-700/1000 + Vat

Imperial size brick, smooth face, red and yellow mix within the brick.

Please apply for current stock available

gaunt bricks

Reclaimed Yellow Gaunt bricks

Ref: B159

Imperial size brick, smooth face, pure yellow in colour.

Please apply for current stock available


Tudor Reds – Reclaimed Bricks


Imperial size brick, referred to as “Tudor” because of their 50mm thickness, as were used at that time.


Reclaimed wire cut bricks

£please apply for current stock

Reclaimed pressed red imperial wire cut bricks, used for brick pavers giving instant character appearance.

This batch has sold, for similar batches of wire cuts currently available, please apply



Metric Yellow bricks

Ref: B1510
£300-350 /1000 +Vat

Unused metric yellow bricks


Reclaimed Russet Engineering brick

Ref: B150
£280-350 /1000 +Vat

£280/1000 + Vat

Reclaimed Russet engineering bricks used for Herringbone paving


Reclaimed Metric Multi Stock bricks


Please apply for current stock available


Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue bricks


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All Pics 2012 763

Reclaimed yellow Gaunt Bullnose bricks

£2.00 + Vat each

Reclaimed brick specials

Ref: B23
£2.00 + vat each

Reclaimed, plain Gaunt, plinth stretcher bricks, approx  size 225x68x110mm

Yellow Gaunt bricks, they have a mottled dark finish on stretcher face


Available: 1000 approx
14 5 12 specials 013

Reclaimed brick specials

£90p + Vat each

Reclaimed brick specials, various available please apply for more details

s blue 17 10 12 001

Reclaimed Staffordshire blue coping

Ref: ST123
£2.50 each + Vat

Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue copings approximate size;150 w x 450 d x 230 h mm

Available: 120
reclaimed Tunbridge wells bricks 2 006

Reclaimed yellow wire cut bricks

Ref: B1450
£please apply

Reclaimed, yellow Gaunt, wire cut bricks, original bricks with textured surface and some black flecks from when fired in kiln.

Similar appearance to reclaimed yellow stocks, reclaimed bricks, cheaper alternative to reclaimed yellow stock bricks.

approx size;225-230x68x105mm

Please apply for current stock


Reclaimed air brick

Ref: A123
£6 from

Reclaimed air bricks priced from £6 each


Reclaimed air brick

Ref: A15

Reclaimed air bricks approx size;12″x6″x3″


Reclaimed air brick

Ref: A16

Reclaimed terracotta air bricks, approx size; 9″x6″ (225x150x75mm)

please enquire for current stock

Dimensions: 75mm x 150mm x 225mm

Reclaimed air brick

Ref: A17

Reclaimed air bricks

Ref: A18

Reclaimed Victorian air bricks

Ref: A122
£15 each

Please apply for current stock available


Reclaimed brick specials

Ref: A841
£10 each

Reclaimed picture brick

Ref: A111

Reclaimed original Victorian picture bricks, salvaged from Victorian Villa in Broadstairs Kent

This batch has now sold, please apply for similar