Old Imperial Yellow Stock bricks, Old Red Stock bricks, and Multi stock bricks, to various metric types, are held in stock at our architectural salvage yard. Bricks are selected, sorted and cleaned by hand and are sourced from the local area.

Reclaimed, London, yellow, stock, bricks

Reclaimed, London, old, yellow, stock, bricks. Original imperial size bricks, salvaged from, The Old Post Office, Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent.



Reclaimed old yellow stock bricks

Reclaimed, old yellow stock bricks, salvaged from the boundary wall, that surrounds, The Royal Sea Bathing Hospital Westbrook, near Margate, Kent, circa 1791 .

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New,Reclamation,yellow stock,bricks

New, imperial size bricks, hand made, aged to give appearance of authentic reclaimed yellow stock bricks.

Approximate size;230x108x68mm

New, Imperial, yellow, stock bricks.

New, imperial size, yellow, stock bricks. Hand made bricks, with some overburns to replicate old yellow stocks, sometimes referred to as London yellow stocks. Appearance of reclaimed yellow stock bricks at half the price of original yellow stocks.

Approximate size;230x108x68mm

Reclaimed multi stock bricks

Reclaimed, multi stock bricks, light red to pink colour. Ideal for inglenook type fireplace, edges worn, for a character look.

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Reclaimed Metric Yellow stock bricks

Reclaimed metric Yellow stock bricks, approx size; 220x65x105mm.

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Reclaimed dark multi stock bricks

Reclaimed, dark multi stock bricks, salvaged from Sussex. Reclaimed, original stock bricks with red and purple colour mix in batch, some with painted face. Ideal for feature walls, fireplaces, instant character.


New, Soft Red, imperial size, handmade bricks

Soft Red, Imperial size, new handmade bricks. Commonly known as “Red Rubbers”, ideal, sustainable bricks for matching to existing brickwork.

Approximate size 230x108x68mm


Reclaimed, Pressed red bricks

Reclaimed, pressed red bricks, salvaged from Hellingly Hospital, East Sussex.

Imperial size bricks, approximate size;225x110x70mm

Reclaimed red stock bricks

Reclaimed red stock bricks, ideal for feature walls, fireplaces, edges worn giving instant character look

Price £800-£850/1000 + Vat, please apply for current stock