Roofing Material

DDS Demolition offer a wide selection of clay roof tiles. We keep a constant stock of hand made peg tiles, clay nib and machine made roof tiles. Also available various size reclaimed roof slates, ridge tiles and decorative roof finials.

Handmade Character clay nib tiles

Reclaimed handmade clay nib tiles, similar appearance to Kent pegs at half the price!

Approx size: 6 1/2″x 10 1/2″

also available

50 tile and halves @85p +Vat each

Reclaimed Kent Peg Tiles

Reclaimed, Kent peg tiles, hand made original peg tiles, salvaged from The Malthouse, Canterbury Kent.


Qty: 1-999 @£0.90p +Vat

Qty: 1000 @£850/1000 +Vat

Reclaimed Peg tiles

Reclaimed Loughborough 11″x7″ clay nib tiles

Reclaimed Loughborough 11″x 7″ clay nib tile, similar face to Kent peg tile @£420/1000 + Vat to clear.

Fittings available;

100 Bonnet tiles @£2 +Vat each

Valley tiles @£2 +Vat each

72 Ridge tiles @£4 + Vat each

Salvaged from property in Margate, Kent.

Reclaimed Rosemary machine made tiles

Batches to clear @ £230/1000 +Vat

Reclaimed machine made tiles

Batches to clear @£230/1000 +Vat

Reclaimed roof slates

Approx size:  9″x 16″  @£700/1000 + Vat

                    9″x 18″  @£700/1000 + Vat

                    10″x 20″ @£900/1000 + Vat

                    11″x 22″ @£1000/1000 + Vat

                    12″X 24″ @£1500/1000 + Vat

Please apply for current stock available

Reclaimed Bonnet hip tiles

Reclaimed Valley & Ridge tiles

Reclaimed Ridge tiles

Reclaimed ridge tiles various types available, please apply