reclaimed Oak doors 007

Reclaimed pair oak doors

Ref: D143

Large pair reclaimed Oak doors, approx size 1700x2370x45mm

Available: 1 pair

School pine L&B doors

Ref: D133`
£40 each

Pine, frame, ledged and braced doors, salvaged from local kent schools.

Five doors available, in pine, painted red, complete with latches @£40 Inc Vat each 

Approx size;660x1880x35mm

Available: 1
Dimensions: 1880mm x 660mm x 35mm
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School pine doors

Ref: D131
£25 each

Reclaimed large doors salvaged from Kent schools,

approx sizes; 940x2050x45mm clearance price @£25 each 

Dimensions: 2050mm x 940mm x 45mm
12  9 12 010

Reclaimed Pitch pine door

Ref: D1211
Available: 1
Dimensions: 2153mm x 710mm x 47mm
12  9 12 006

Reclaimed Pitch pine door

Ref: D1210

Clearance @£25

Available: 1
Dimensions: 2038mm x 710mm x 45mm
7 9 12 3 008

Reclaimed Pine 1930’s doors

Ref: D820
£40 each from

 Please apply for sizes

D122 Astley House

Georgian Front entrance doors

Ref: D122

1 pair pine doors, in archtop frame,

salvaged from Astley House, former Kent Music School, Maidstone, Kent.

Pair doors in frame approx size:1655x3100x125mm  @£850 

Available: 1

Oak door and frame c/w bronze glazed sidelights

Ref: D126

Oak pair of doors in frame, complete with bronze tint double glazed sidelights. The Oak frame has been cut to release it from brickwork.May require new bottom rail or cill, or scarfe new piece in.

Approx size;3120 L x 2130 H mm

(door size: 1x 1690x1995x53mm)

Available: 1
Dimensions: 3120mm x 2130mm

Reclaimed Oak door

Ref: D125

External oak glass door, the Bulls eye glass has been removed @ £45 

approx size; 800x2020x45mm, 

Available: 1

Reclaimed pine doors

Ref: D116
£20 each

Suite of pine doors reclaimed from seafront house in Whitstable, to clear @£20 each

Available: 4
Dimensions: 2050mm x 860mm x 45mm

Reclaimed pine doors

Ref: D117
£35 each

reclaimed pine doors, clearance price @35 each 

Available: 6
Dimensions: 1965mm x 750mm x 43mm

Reclaimed 4 or 6 panel Pine doors

Ref: D89
£50 each

Various sizes available


Reclaimed coat hooks

Ref: DF111
£7.50 each

various available, sold “as is”


Reclaimed door escutcheons

Ref: DF112
£10 each

various available, sold “as is”