Garden Urn

Reproduction Lattice Urn

Approx size:




Terracotta Urn

Reproduction Terracotta Urn

Approx size:

Width: 635mm

Height: 790mm

Gothic Planter Urn/Pot

Reproduction garden urns / pots

approx size;

Width: 740mm

Height: 610mm


Old Tin Sheets

Corrugated Iron roof sheets, rusty with holes damage etc.

Salvaged from industrial building near Dreamland Margate, Kent.

Royal Doulton Sink, Vitreous China

20 Royal Doulton bathroom sinks, some signs of age, as would expect, date stamped 1957, see pictures

Style: Vintage / Retro


Royal Mail Post Box

Royal Mail ER Red Post box

This is a reproduction of traditional red post box. Cast Iron front with steel box, with 2 keys

Approx size:

Height: 600 mm



Graffiti Street Art, Ace of Swords

Graffiti Street Art, Ace of Swords

Artwork depicts, the Ace of Swords design, from Tarot cards.

Hand holding Sword, through Crown

This original artwork was salvaged from demolition hoarding, Tontine Street / Dover Road, Folkestone, Kent.

Spray painted on 15mm Plywood, signs of damage and wear, as would expect street hoarding.





Ideal for Home/ shop displays or TV / film set props / Photo Props 


Original Millstones

Original Millstones salvaged from local Kent Mill

2 available


1 x 1220mm diameter x 300mm thickness (1 red steel band)

1 x 1220mm diameter x 265mm thickness (1 red steel band)


Staircase spindles

10 reclaimed original pine spindles with white flaking paint @£10 each

36 reclaimed original pine spindles stained brown colour @£8 each

13 reclaimed original stripped pine spindles @£8 each

Reclaimed park benches

Reclaimed park benches, three available. With cast iron legs, hardwood slats, in need of repair, or ideal retail/ shop display “as is”.

Approx sizes; 2400 Lx 750 D x 810 H mm