Keeping up with Interior Design Trends – Reclaimed Materials

With ever-changing interior design trends, DDS Reclamation Yard keep a wide range of reclaimed stock to suit every designer palette.

We all know that fickle fashions trends have a habit of returning, some we welcome and some we do not (Bell Bottomed Jeans and Mullets take note!). However, with Interior Design, when the former trends make a comeback, they do so in style and with complete originality.

For example, way back in the day you wouldn’t have known whilst ripping up that old parquet flooring, tearing out the Belfast sink and replacing your column radiators, that those very items would end up coming full circle, now being considered a ‘must have’ to create that modern yet rustic look.

This then begs the question: Where do you find these original items? The high street typically won’t stock a second hand Butler sink or reclaimed bricks etc.

Here’s the solution: DDS Reclamation Yard has always seen the value in reclaiming such items and holds an extensive stock of quality salvaged products.

Featuring within our existing stock we currently have:


Reclaimed Oak Parquet

Pine and Maple Gym Flooring


Including over 300 variety of reclaimed doors such as: Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Ledge and Brace to name but a few.


Butler Sinks


Column Radiators


Over 150,000 reclaimed bricks and new bricks available

With an array of unique and original items (including the unexpected!) and a stock that is ever changing, DDS Reclamation Yard could be your go-to supplier for evolving interior design trends and typically ‘not on the high street’ items.

Whether you want to indulge in a spot of nostalgia or you’re on a mission to find that one particular item, visitors are always welcome to have a look around – alternatively if you peruse and purchase via the website we can deliver nationally.

To view/order similar items, please visit the website or speak to a member of the team on 01843 821555