Lights, Camera, authentic Film Props!

DDS Reclamation Yard may initially seem an unlikely supplier of TV and Film props but alas, their order book tells a different story!

Production companies visit the Reclamation Yard when they’re looking for authentic items, more commonly for period films/drama. Rather than paying to produce replica items and furniture, it makes far more sense to try and source the real deal.

We only stock original items and furniture which have been carefully salvaged prior to the demolition of a building or structure from our sister company, DDS Demolition.

Some may not see the value in saving a seemingly ancient school radiator, wireless radio or random wrought iron lamp post, however as the age-old adage says: One mans trash is another mans treasure!

As well as the sustainable and recycling benefit of sourcing original items, there is also a great cost advantage. These items and artefacts are generally more cost effective than a purpose-built comparison yet also genuine and authentic to the viewer.

Putting myself in the shoes of a film maker, should I be producing a period drama whereby the ultimate goal is to deliver a believable and authentic mimic of life in times gone by for example, the very last thing I would concern myself with is the questionable film props on set.

Much like the “supposed” papier mache rocks in a certain Jungle inspired TV show (as much as we all love it), as soon as such a minor element is questioned, you lack believability in the actual production and find yourself picking holes in the props and the set rather than concentrating and enjoying the story being played out in front of you.

Should you be the member of the Production team tasked with searching high and low for those completely random and authentic pieces, always consider DDS Reclamation Yard, you never know what you may find….

We can also be found on the Kays website – if you know, you know!