The creativity of Reclaimed Railway Sleepers and Timber Joists

Planting the seeds of inspiration for your new garden design?

Let DDS Reclamation help with a couple of inspired ideas and budget conserving products to grow your bespoke garden.

Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

Having recently worked alongside some brilliantly imaginative Landscape Gardeners, January seems to be the opportune time to start planning for that revamped garden. Whether its the flowerbeds, a unique pond or a quirky water feature – why not consider reclaimed railway sleepers as the ideal and cost effective product?

Made from heavy duty oak these are ideal as a robust and durable option. If used as a low level retaining wall for example, the strength of a railway sleeper is more than sufficient and arguably cheaper, stronger and more attractive than concrete blockwork.

Example retaining wall with reclaimed railway sleepers

As another example, our latest client transformed the reclaimed sleepers into bespoke raised beds worthy of praise from the most imaginative of gardeners.

As an exclusive reclaimed material, cost-wise Railway Sleepers are a great alternative to off-the-shelf fencing or concrete products – the problem is usually where to find them.

Currently our stock includes a large batch in the following dimensions:

155mm x 255mm x 2500-2600mm at £22.50 each.

Reclaimed Construction Timber Joists

With a little extra engineering and innovative cost-saving thought, Reclaimed Timber Joists have great potential for that DIY garden project.

Salvaged from buildings within the last 40 years therefore being construction grade timber as opposed to antique pine, the product is well suited for uses such as a shed base or decking frame.

Sold in an “as is” condition with nails, notches and all  – a bit of creativity and initiative could equal a massive cost-saving given the right application.

Currently our stock includes a large batch in the following dimensions:

6 x 2

7 x 2

8 x 2

All at £5 each.

Actual stock: Reclaimed Railway Sleepers and Reclaimed Timber Joists

For further ideas and a full stock list please visit the website or call Craig 01843 821555.