Skip or Salvage?

Skip or Salvage?

As the Reclamation department of a demolition contractor, naturally we are predisposed to see the value and salvage wherever possible. Understandably though, not everyone would see value where we do.

One of our recent demolition sites, a redundant gas works in London, held a particularly unexpected find.

The site still contained a Paxman engine which was used as a back-up generator for the site.

Prior to 1965 when natural gas was discovered in the North Sea and subsequently transported to the UK within high pressure pipes, the Gas Holders were a mainstay of towns and cities. Gas used to be made by burning coal which was then contained within the gas holders. The cylindrical holders would rise during the day and slowly sink back down as households used their gas supply for heating and cooking in the evening. The Paxman engine would have been a reliable back-up generator to ensure normal operation.

Reclamation Sales Manager Craig Kemp managed to source an ideal recipient of the engineā€¦

The Paxman engine was sold to Ayrshire Railway Preservation Group for restoration of a particular Locomotive. Locomotive North British No:27644 built in 1959, was supplied new to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) where it worked at various locations until acquired by Tees Storage Co Ltd. The overhaul of the engine will likely start next Spring.

Craig will attest that no two demolition sites and salvage opportunities are the same which makes for an interesting and rewarding task when you eventually find the round peg for the round hole!

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