Stay warm with Springtime Indoor Projects

Having endured The Beast from the East 1 & 2, Spring may have sprung but it could be short-lived! We are in store for yet another cold spell so what better time to crack on with those indoor projects?

DDS Reclamation Yards treasure trove of vintage and authentic items is once more, full to the brim.

For example, we have a variety of vintage fireplaces, perfect to warm up that cosy rustic living room.


Or maybe you are planning to replace that tired old floor with some Reclaimed wideboard 10″ flooring (Douglas Fir also known as British Columbian Pine).

We have many types of quality wideboard flooring with character – face prepared, some nail holes, some marks, but all original.

The website is kept updated with all of our stock but a call to the ever-helpful Craig on 01843 821555 and his team or a visit to the showroom at Manston Road in Margate is always welcome.

Our stock is ever changing, please follow the website and Facebook page for regular updates.