Reclaimed Multi Gault Bricks

Reclaimed bricks / Mixed Gault Bricks Re:B1515

Reclaimed mixed gaunt wire cut bricks, salvaged from The Old Post Office, Folkestone Kent. Imperial size bricks approximate size;235-245x115x70mm Qty: 1-999 bricks @£0.70p each  +Vat

Reclaimed Multi Gault Bricks: Ref: B218

Reclaimed, Multi Gault Bricks, imperial size brick, Wire cut bricks with no frog, red and yellow mix within the brick, salvaged from our site in Kent. This batch, character look bricks with chipped / rounded edges, Ash flecks and overburns, may have some mortar staining to faces, other than that good! Approx. size: 230-240 x 65-68 x 110mm Continue reading

Reclaimed Bricks / Multi Gault Bricks: Ref: B1818

Reclaimed, imperial size Multi Gault bricks, smooth face, wire cut, red and yellow mix within the brick. Salvaged from our own site, hand cleaned and sorted. Approx size:220-230x110x68-70mm Price; Qty: 1-999 bricks @85p +Vat Qty:1000 bricks @£800/1000 +Vat