Reclaimed Red Stock Bricks

Bricks / Reclaimed Bricks / Reclaimed Red Bricks / Old Red Bricks: Ref: B1868

Reclaimed Soft Red Bricks, ” Red Rubber” Bricks, Original Old Bricks, salvaged from our site at St Martins hill, Canterbury, Kent. approx size; 228-230×68-70x110mm Qty:1-999 bricks @95p +Vat Qty:1000 Plus @£900/1000 +Vat Please apply for delivery options via palletways network or for larger orders via our own Hiab crane lorry

Bricks / New Bricks / New Red Imperial Size Handmade Bricks: Ref: BN153

Soft Red, Imperial size, New, handmade bricks. Commonly known as “Red Rubbers”, ideal, sustainable bricks for matching to existing brickwork. Approximate size:230x108x68mm Price; Qty: 1-999 bricks @£1.15 +Vat Qty:1000 bricks @£1100/1000 +Vat Larger quantity available to order

Bricks / Reclaimed Bricks / Reclaimed Red Stock Bricks Industrial Look With Old Paint: Ref:B16187P

Painted surface reclaimed, Red stock bricks, imperial size bricks, hand cleaned “This batch reclaimed red stock bricks, all with painted edges / faces, good for industrial look feature walls. imperial size bricks, hand cleaned., usable 1 face 1 edge with painted surface,sold as seen,see pictures of batch” Approx size:220-230x110x68-70mm Price: Qty: 1-999 bricks @£0.68p +Vat Continue reading