Architectural Items

Garden Urn

Reproduction Lattice Urn Approx size: Width:750mm Height:600mm  

AGA Cooker / Oven

AGA cooker / oven, gas, blue enamel, signs of wear, see pictures  

Reclaimed Stone Urns / Garden Urns / Stone Pots ST202

Reclaimed Stone Urns / Garden Urns /Stone Pots 2 no original, old stone garden urns with depiction of mythical Greek God Pan, god of the wild 1 of the urns has broken away from base but slots together, see pictures  

Reclaimed Cast Iron Vent / Metal Grill

Reclaimed cast iron air vents / grills, in “as is” condition approx size  458x380mm Used condition, untouched, as taken out condition.Cast iron vents, rusty with flaking paint, 1 available 1 with crack front corner, see pictures.