Railway Sleepers

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Ekki Sleepers / Reclaimed Ekki (Azobe) Sleepers / Marine Grade Hardwood Sleepers Re:SL82 @£27 each

Hardwood sleepers, Reclaimed Ekki Marine Grade Timber, approximate size; 75x190x3200-3700mm Heavy Duty Marine Grade Hardwood Sleepers, durable hardwood sleepers probable Ekki (Azobe). Heavy dense timber from west Africa sometimes called “Red Ironwood” as it sinks in water, almost double strength of Oak Ideal timber for Marine Applications/ Bridge Building/  Walk ways and Paths / Piling Continue reading

Railway Sleepers / Reclaimed Sleepers / First Grade Hardwood Sleepers Re:SL81 @£35 each

Reclaimed, railway sleepers, approximate size; 155x255x2500-2600mm Heavy Duty railway sleepers, for landscaping, earth retaining, or general garden projects. Reclaimed railway sleepers, these sleepers are treated, not suitable for use indoors, children’s play areas, seating or where skin contact likely. sold in “as is” condition, see pictures For further info refer: Guidance Note Ref:WPA TW 6 Weight Continue reading