Stone Paving

We keep a varied stock of reclaimed stone and paving, including York-Stone flagstones, Purbeck Stone, natural Slate and Granite Setts, as well as Terracotta and Quarry tiles.
Also available new Quarried Slate, Limestone and Sandstone.

Price on application or for more information: Call 01843 821555

Used Paving/ Buff / Grey Textured Paving RE:P221

Used Paving/ Buff / Grey Textured Concrete Paving ; 155 x Buff paving 600x300x35mm @£4.50 each slab Inc Vat 50 x Buff paving 300x300x35mm @£2.50 each slab Inc Vat 55 x Grey paving 600x600x35mm @£9 each slab Inc Vat

Stone Paving / Reclaimed York Stone “crazy” Paving Re:P210

Crazy Paving / Reclaimed York Stone naturally weathered, irregular shapes and sizes. York stone crazy paving, salvaged from a local Mansion House, garden path and patio area. Stacked on pallets, see pictures of batch This batch has sold, please apply for current availability

Reclaimed York Stone Flagstones Re:P211

Reclaimed York stone Flagstones naturally weathered, stone paving. Reclaimed Yorkstone, small random sizes,this batch salvaged from a Mansion House, pathways and patio , see pictures of batch Batch small random sizes, approx sizes, 500×400, 400×400, 300x500mm, etc.