DDS Demolition and Architectural Salvage, reclaim timber from Century Old structures and buildings that have been designated for demolition or refurbishment.The timber is processed to provide recycled floorboards for new projects as well as conservation and restoration projects for many Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties.

The reclaimed timber generally grown 150 years ago, is of a very high quality and character with a patina that cannot be replicated.By using reclaimed timber and flooring it helps to minimize the impact of deforestation around the world, an alternative to cutting down more trees which helps in sustaining this valuable resource.

By using reclaimed timber it enables an environmentally friendly solution to our modern day requirements for quality flooring and timber.

Railway Sleepers / Reclaimed Sleepers / First Grade Hardwood Sleepers Re:SL81 @£30 each

Reclaimed, railway sleepers, approximate size; 155x255x2500-2600mm Heavy Duty railway sleepers, for landscaping, earth retaining, or general garden projects. Reclaimed railway sleepers, these sleepers are treated, not suitable for use indoors, children’s play areas, seating or where skin contact likely. sold in “as is” condition, see pictures Weight approx 87 kg each Collection from our salvage yard Continue reading

Reclaimed Construction Timber joists in “as is” condition

Reclaimed Construction grade timber, salvaged from our own demolition sites. These joists are from buildings or extensions/ additions within the last 40 years, construction grade timber, not antique pine. Batches salvaged from our demolition sites in Kent, sold in “as is” condition with nails, notches etc. Ideal second hand joists for garden projects, decking frames, shed bases Continue reading

Reclaimed Telegraph Poles

Used telegraph poles, tapered, random lengths @£45 each Approx sizes available: please apply for current stock            

Reclaimed Pine Character Beams / Old Pine / Douglas Fir Beams

Reclaimed Pine Character Beams / Old Pine /Pitch Pine Beams with old carpenters marks, holed, dents, cut outs, woodworm holes etc Lengths, approx 10ft  approx size 9″ x 6″ Listing price is for 1 reclaimed Pine beam @£150 Inc Vat This batch Ref: T1984  

Spindles / Stair Spindles / Staircase Spindles Re: T1910

Soon available, Oak Barley Twist Spindles and Staircase, Oak Banisters with Monkey Tail / Wreathed Volute,  from Old Manor House, please apply for details 12 no reclaimed Oak 70x70mm @£12 each 6 reclaimed original pine spindles with white flaking paint @£10 each 22 reclaimed original stripped pine spindles @£8 each 36 reclaimed original pine spindles @£8 each Continue reading