DDS Demolition and Architectural Salvage, reclaim timber from Century Old structures and buildings that have been designated for demolition or refurbishment.The timber is processed to provide recycled floorboards for new projects as well as conservation and restoration projects for many Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties.

The reclaimed timber generally grown 150 years ago, is of a very high quality and character with a patina that cannot be replicated.By using reclaimed timber and flooring it helps to minimize the impact of deforestation around the world, an alternative to cutting down more trees which helps in sustaining this valuable resource.

By using reclaimed timber it enables an environmentally friendly solution to our modern day requirements for quality flooring and timber.

Reclaimed Ash /Elm Hardwood Character Beam

Reclaimed Ash /Elm Hardwood Character Beam Approx size: 228x238x3600mm Listing is for 1 beam  @£95 Including Vat Character hardwood timber beam, probably Ash or Elm, “as is” condition with notches, splits and wear, some painted surfaces.

Reclaimed Pine Beams “Hit & Miss” Finish

Reclaimed original pine beams with nails in the side hammered in, surface “hit & miss” finish. Ideal character beams for furniture, tables shelves, television units. Sizes approx. 45×150-225mm 20 Lengths, 12-13ft  approx size 55-63mm x 170mm

Reclaimed Douglas Fir

Reclaimed Douglas Fir, salvaged wooden packing timber, originally large crates for Stator Conductor Bars, Kingsnorth Power Station. Ideal instant industrial look for walls, floors, Shelves, sidings, table tops, etc. Approx size:35x275mm sold de nailed lightly machined for “hit & miss” finish