Reclaimed Doors

Reclaimed Georgian pine doors, Victorian pine doors,Edwardian pine doors, 1930’s pine doors available.

We have a good selection of period doors in various sizes available, made from quality timber such as Pitch Pine, Pine, Mahogany and Oak

Oak Doors/ Large Pair Reclaimed Oak Doors Re:D205

Large pair reclaimed Oak doors. These doors were the internal entrance doors salvaged from an old Manor House Complete with original brass pull handles,  arch top glass (1 pane cracked ) with decorative Linen Fold carved panels one side, see pictures. Approx size:1330 x 2435 x 45mm 

Reclaimed School Pine Doors To Clear £25 each

Batch of reclaimed pitch pine school doors. Painted school doors, , “as is” condition.  Salvaged from Chantry Academy Gravesend, formerly The Gordon school circa 1930,see pictures and description.” 2 doors currently available please find pictures and details 4 (pic 0805) 905 x1975 x 45mm 7 (pic 818) 840 x1980 x 45mm   Some have some damage Continue reading

Reclaimed Doors / Internal Pine Doors / Pitch Pine Doors Re:D210

Reclaimed doors, original pitch pine doors from Arts and Crafts era. Internal pitch pine with arch top, painted, in “as is” condition, signs of age Patina, flaking paint. please see pictures Approx sizes: No 1. 805x2005x45mm No 2. 810x2010x45mm No 3. 810x2010x45mm No 4. 800x2005x45mm No 5. 805x2015x45mm No 6. 755x2010x45mm No 7. 805x2010x45mm No Continue reading

Reclaimed Pine 1930’s doors /1 over 3 panel

Suite of 9 painted doors, reclaimed 1 over 3 panel 1930’s doors sizes vary Sold in  “as is” condition, this batch has tack holes around perimeter due to being boarded with hardboard